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Highway Gimps "Tape" *Limited Re-Press - 100 Copies*

Image of Highway Gimps "Tape" *Limited Re-Press - 100 Copies*


This is the first re-pressing of Highway Gimps "Tape."
Originally released in 2009, this is in fact the first Gimps release. With only about 50 tapes made, we can likely assume that you don't have a copy. If you do, kudos. You might notice we've spruced up the packaging a bit, but don't worry, the insides are still the same.

We only made 100, so get yours today!

Price includes shipping.

Track Listing:

1.Not Too Late
4.I'm Lazy & My Girlfriend Hates
5.Submission Tradition (The West)
6.Fast To The End

Also Includes the rare "TapeEnding" only available on the original release.